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Save Tree

If You think in terms of a year,plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees ; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people  - Confucious                                                                                   Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven - Rabindranath Tagore                                                                                                                       

Save Tree3

Let me tell you a story of life and death and how living triumphed in both. There was a small place in the outskirts of a bustling city. This small place was an important site of construction for a huge apartment which housed several tens of labors and their families. Close to this construction site was a humongous Neem tree with its foliage spread several meters over the earth and covered it in a huge blanket with its shadow. The tree was the only silent and stationary spectator of the edifice and its flutter. As work at the site grew so did the number of people and their activities. As the workers got tired they needed a place to rest and ease their aching muscles and the lonely neem tree was their only place of relaxation. Soon the number of people who came to rest under the tree's shadow grew and the lonely tree now had a lot of friends who needed it more than the tree needed its new friends. Then came a time, a chai-wala opened his stall under the tree to supply his refreshments to the hardworking labors of the site, business thrived and a pan-wala opened his store supplying his items and serving the needs of the labors. Soon the tree had become an important hub of activity and a place of rendezvous, it had become a LANDMARK. The tree continued its self less service to its people for years to come until the completion of the apartment. It was beautiful, it was the only apartment in a 10 kilometer radius, it stood tall and mighty towering over everything around it, and it was both beautiful and magnificent. Everyone wanted to buy a flat in it and people started coming in and staying in. The apartment was soon full of people and where people are there their needs follow and to satisfy their needs more people started flowing in around it. The mighty apartment soon sprouted a small colony in its vicinity full of life and vigor. As more and more business started taking place the time came to develop the infrastructure of the area too and the Neem tree was in the way of construction of a road and it had to be chopped. The tree cutters with their weapons of death were summoned to bring down the tree. Many opposed, many complained many shouted in protest to stop the cutting of the tree but all their voices were silenced by an influential politician. The tree had to go and sadly it did. The tree was born an orphan, lived as a destitute; it made friends for a brief period of time and in return all it got was death. It would have probably lived for many more years to come if it hadn't come across us humans. This leaves us questioning our own morale where we have evolved from living in jungles of trees to being lived in concrete jungles. It is absolutely necessary to know the value of nature and its commitment to its children. Do not get blinded by material pleasure, start appreciating the little things around and life will not only look beautiful to you but it will look beautiful to everyone else who are enveloped in your presence.